The Consumer Council for Water suggests water providers are failing to close a “gulf” between high levels of satisfaction with the quality of services provided and unhappiness regarding high costs.

Fifth of global cities ‘to experience unprecedented climate conditions by 2050.’
A new study from the Crowther Lab suggests nearly 80% of cities will experience dramatic heat and weather changes by this time.

ladimir Putin claims wind turbines are harming birds and worms.

The Russian President said there are “serious consequences of the application of these modern methods of obtaining energy.”

Almost half of largest-emitting firms still not ‘adequately considering climate’.
A study published by the Transition Pathway Initiative also notes 25% of companies still do not disclose their carbon emissions.

London’s corporate landlords and tenants pledge to clean up energy use
Currently, business premises are responsible for around 40% of the capital’s greenhouse gas emissions

The Environmental Agency’s chief executive, Sir James Bevan, has warned that England could run out of water within the next 25 years.