#Google is gearing up to unleash its secretive loop-the-loop #energy #generating kite on the world.

Google’s loop-the-loop kite to graduate from secretive X division ‘soon’
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‘Modern day Archigram’: judges laud winner of #architecture #Drawing #Prize 2018

It tells hundreds of stories over nine years in which architecture, cities and people’s lives change,’ said Narinder Sagoo
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Flexible #Websites with easily changeable content!
Lumiere Design’s Web Developers creates strong internet #marketing campaigns and effective web presence.

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@Piers_Taylor Yeah but look at that fire hydrant. Hanging seamlessly. With just one hook. Incredible

#Freedom fine art print designed by @LumieredesignUK

Inspired by birds of the sky and the freedom they posses. This gives a liberating example to spread our wing and fly to new and greater distances.